Dragon Ball Z Earth-4k Map

Here I present my 4k Map, inspired by the Dragon Ball Z! It’s been a while since I posted a public map and I am proud to present to you my finest creation!
This map encompasses vast plains towering mountains, frozen ice, and looming deserts!
With the help of a friend, I was able to create the Earth of Dragon Ball Z plus some all-new frozen ice ready to explore! But for the most part, I am happy that I know I have a complete project under my belt and that my followers will once again explore a world created from the essence of reality and fantasy.

Information about the map:
  • 4k by 4k
  • Biome dense
  • Many mountain types
  • Water Bound
  • 1.7 and up compatibility
Credit and use
You may NOT claim this as your own
Give credit where its due
if you use this map link to here or to my twitter.
Additional Credits: Built by: Consue


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