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Drachenburg Castle | Schloss Drachenburg

Comments are very much appreciated. I’m always happy when people give me feedback and tell me what they like or how I can improve on my builds.

Also ideas and wishes for future projects are very welcome.

Feel free to post comments in German (Ihr könnt auch gerne auf Deutsch kommentieren)

built by: kostahansen

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3 thoughts on “Drachenburg Castle | Schloss Drachenburg”

  1. I am brand new at using schematics & followed the directions from this site on how to use them: https://minecraftbuildinginc.com/how-to-install-a-world-save-and-use-schematic-files/ but every time I try to paste this into my world the game freezes & eventually crashes. I’m trying this in 1.7.10 with mods loaded. Would that be the problem? Either the mods or the version? I couldn’t see which version of Minecraft this was for. I’m sure it’s pilot error on my end. Any ideas? If I must be using 1.8, then I’m not sure I can because I only have the WorldEdit mod for 1.7.10

  2. LizC864 Some of these are huge and even servers crash from trying to import them. Its possible you don’t have enough memory and it very well could be a mod. You can easily create a new profile so you don’t lose your mods when you log into minecraft to test it.

    My guess its a ram issue.

  3. Minecraft Building Inc LizC864 Thank you, here I was thinking I should have no problem since I have a home-built gaming PC. Until now I haven’t run into anything that can crash it. I guess now we know that 300 block castles can do it. :) I’ll try it again today on my server too since I’m sure they have even more horsepower than I do. I couldn’t log in yesterday for some reason.

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