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Divinity | Fantasy Castle

I would like to thank everyone in the building community for supporting me through an everlasting journey consisting of reign, terror, glory and vanity. Recently, I’ve found that being involved and commuting to the build community had doubtedy limited my potential in other subjects, and that if I were not to inform of my inactivity then I would disappear into an abyss unknowingly. What matters most however, is how much I can contribute to the community before I am to leave. My pursuits lie within a scholarly and athletic style, of which I don’t consider juggling with Minecraft.

This build is a representation of my endearingly long adventure, most of which depict my own human Psychology, embedded with the pains and joys of life. Sadly, I am in debt to see the misfortune of the Minecraft build community come to a hindrance. I recall the days when builders would receive high praise (exceeding millions of views!), encouragement, an exceptional amount of recognition. For some odd, uexplainablereason, that has slowed to a few thousand, even more appalingly, with the increase in skill as demonstrated by builders today. I begin to ponder over this overwhelming issue, whether people take pride in the art or merit of architecture in Minecraft. Or was it a simple fad which was to fall either way? Are people simply withdrawn from the glory of building and architecture? Are they inevitably bored of such antics? Or are they simply uninformed, uninterested, or have  befallen with the fact that they cannot build themselves?

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you, I believe that Minecraft builders do not receive the recognition they deserve. They lie in a large distaste, only to be congratulated by a small niche community of free thinking people. With all the hard work imputed into such a time consuming art, I would only expect people to see the talent. But, my first general assumptions of this downfall were that people were naive, ignorant, close minded. All the little prepubescent gamers would rather play mcsg or mineplex then learn to build. But I force myself to understand the meaning or the morale behind all of this. Asking people to draw, or to build, or to express their imagination in some unique form is actually asking a lot. Humans are inclined to take the lazy route, to not reason, but to enjoy life to their taste and expense. Of course, I am not appalled at all by the fact that these kids, born in raised in North America, has this sort of attitude towards this subject. Yet what frightens me is how they explicitly praise the worse builders, or the ones who are a bleak representation of THEIR own community. An example of this? Team Elite and MCSG. The community praises people like lemon whatever her face is and team elite, because they are uninformed and choose to be close minded.

People choose to isolate themselves and not unravel the truth, because they lie in a bleak of lies themselves. Also, perhaps its the drive or even OUR OWN isolation that is putting us down as a community. Builders alike are critical, and we choose not to expand ourselves to other communities, but to isolate ourselves. People become unmotivated by building, they are not given the tools, servers, the talents, motivation, self confidence, the praise, and or the postive commodity in order to do it-thus they just choose the lazy route. Why do something which challenges the brain when you could just play games all day?

The attitude which befalls our generation to a high extent, and challenges whether or not humans are evolving as a species. Even we as builders hinder ourselves to an extent. We all place ourselves in elitist positions, factions of people or build teams if you will, and seclude ourselves to become better. And sometimes that is necessary, because competition garners better solutions in most situations. Nonetheless, notwithstanding all things I had mentioned beforehand, I’d like to thank all of you once again for an amazing 2-3 years in the community. Its been a blessing-truly. In the next few weeks I’ll be uploading tutorials and building videos to finish up what I have to do. I am a person who believes in the better good of things.

Built by: DivineMedicus

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