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Minecraft Home Screen Android Phones

Ever wanted to make your phone look like Minecraft every time you use it? Well here is your chance! Great addition for your android phone! The Minecraft home screen is a custom design for the Themer app. You can download the .zip file containing the theme from the source link below. Directions to Install Download using link below. Move the …

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Enchantment IDs

Enchantment Minecraft banner IDs

Enchantments, often shortened to Enchants, are special abilities that can be applied to any piece of Armoror certain tools whilst using an Enchantment Table. When a piece of armor or a tool is enchanted, It will glow, much like a potion, allowing the holder (and anybody else) to see that the item is enchanted. It is also to be noted that an enchanted …

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How To Install Texture Packs | 1.7.4

Tutorial on how to install minecraft texture packs

This tutorial I’ll show you how to install texture packs. Its pretty easy and straight forward. Do it once and you’ll never forget. Or just create a shortcut and we’ll always be there for you! Anyways watch the video above of if your good a following text directions you will find them below. How To  Download the texture pack and …

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Simple 8-Way Item Frame Selector Switch

Simple 8 way item frame selector swtich how to tutorial

YouTube user AWEDYSSY found a great way to make items in your item frame rotate! Check out the video and see for yourself. As you can see using some redstone, switches, and torches he has been able to make the item rotate. This would look great in any house! Heck even if you could build a clock, that would be …

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13×13 Modern House | Tutorial

Minecraft House tutorial 13x13 modern

In this How To video Keralis will show you how to build a beautiful 13×12 modern house. If your looking for more house building inspiration check out more here! Texture Pack: Flows HD Enjoy

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How To: Dye Chart

Minecraft Building how to dye chart 1.7

This chart will help anyone looking to make a dye.  Weather your new or experienced, its well laid out and easy to read! Dyes are items used to change the color of wool, leather armor, hardened clay, mobs and glass. There are 16 dyes, which includes Bone Meal, Light Gray Dye, Gray Dye, Ink Sac, Rose Red, Orange Dye, Dandelion Yellow,Lime Dye, Cactus Green, Light Blue Dye, Cyan Dye, Lapis Lazuli, Purple Dye, Magenta Dye, Pink Dye, and Cocoa Beans. …

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How To Care For Your Pet Wolf/Wolves

Here is a great little tutorial on the proper care of wolves in Minecraft from ThatCobblestoneGuy Today I’m bringing you a tutorial, and this tutorial is on wolves, and how to properly look after them. Wolves need loving and care, so I’m going to be explaining on tips and tricks to keep your wolf alive, and how to care and love …

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Self Cleaning Workbench | Tutorial

Another great tutorial by MinecraftPg5. Here he will show you a self cleaning workbench. Once you start crafting something all your left over items will automatically go into the storage chest.

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Spawn Fake Diamonds or Anything Else | No Mods

Another great find by SargeantJared Fake Diamonds Hello there, SargeantJared here! Today I have for you Fake Diamonds to troll/prank your friends! 😛What is it? These are fake diamonds, they look real but can’t be picked up. Perfect for pranking your friends or making diamonds in adventure maps that are to be shown only.Tutorial: Simply type this in chat (in 1.7 …

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