Awesome Minecraft Tower and Highrise Builds

When you’re starting off your Minecraft building journey, you typically start small. You build a few huts, then move onto some houses then maybe add a few details and luxuries. This is typically the best way to kickstart your blocky architecture career.

Once you’re past your house and farm phase, you’ll want to start flexing those builder muscles and sink your teeth into something bigger. That’s when you move onto towers and highrise buildings.

Whether you're at that stage or even just starting out, we’ve got some amazing Minecraft Tower and Highrise Builds for those with a flair for the dramatic.

Modern Apartment Building

1. Modern Apartment Building

Modern designs are always great for starting out a new type of build. They’re usually cube style which fits the blocky nature of Minecraft’s world. This also means that you don’t have to stress over extremely fine details, like making something look curvy. This is why our first Modern Apartment Building recommendation by Keralis is an excellent place to start creating bigger builds. This one makes a lot of interesting use of window blocks for those who can’t have enough glass. View Building

Modern Apartment Building 2.0

2. Modern Apartment Building 2.0

Our second Modern Apartment Building build recommendation by Ramon is pretty great if you want to…move up to something taller. The best part about this build is how it demonstrates the construction of balconies and how they add an interesting dimension to any structure. The roof garden is also a strikingly cool detail which, frankly, more real-world buildings should have as well. View Building

Medieval Mage Tower

3. Medieval Mage Tower

Whether there’s no space for reality in your Minecraft world or you want to step up to something with a bit more pizzazz, this Medieval Mage Tower by Jeracraft is worth constructing. Not only does it end up quite tall by the time you’re finished, but also makes clever use of block arrangement to make interesting details for the roofs. The base of the tower feels more like a treacherous mountain so nobody dares disturb your nefarious wizarding. View Tower

Modern Luxury Highrise

4. Modern Luxury Highrise

Back to the modern builds with this Modern Luxury Highrise build by Alcatraz_Sniper. This one will definitely get your building chops tested. It’s one of the tallest on this list but it’s also multifaceted. By copying this build, you’ll surely get inspired by all of the little details, such as the roof railings and the interior designs. On top of that, you’ll find plenty of space to add your own details and refinements as you go. View Building


5. Hogwarts

Now we’re entering the big leagues. You’ve seen tons of builds where builders have sweated for months or even years recreating some of the most iconic locales from pop culture. MonoFlax’s Hogwarts is a faithful recreation of the iconic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter universe. Checking this one out is worth it just for the tour of the place alone as MonoFlax has put a lot of work into the details from the movies and books. View Tower

Chinese Skyscraper

6. Chinese Skyscraper

If you are building a city with some Asian influences but also modern then this Skyscraper 14 inspired by Chinese modern architecture could be a great add on to your build. Building is quite simple as it’s just black and white but that doesn’t mean its design is bad, give it a look and try it out. View Skyscraper

Reik River Observatory

7. Reik River Observatory

If you love the Warhammer game then this Reik River Observatory is something you would love. Crossovers are great, specially in gaming so this build by RezolutnyDarek brings a lot of joy to us. But even if you don’t know much about the game it’s still a great build to add to your list of creations. View Tower

Dash Towers

8. Dash Towers

Dasher is a great builder we have posted a few times in our blog and this Modern skyscraper he decided to call Dash Towers is one of our favorite designs of him. It’s fairly simple and the inside is empty but it looks great from the outside. View Towers

Polaris Skyscraper

9. Polaris Skyscraper

This is a replica of a building with was on construction in Canada back in 2014, we haven’t check if the real life version has been completed but we are happy to announce the Minecraft version of Polaris Skyscraper is here for you. It’s pretty modern and has a unique design, we are sure you will like it. View Skyscraper

Spiral Tower

10. Spiral Tower

This amazing building crafted by Matt888 has a really distinctive designing. This Spiral Tower featuring different office layouts, observation decks, roof and a helipad with also comes with some amazing added interior design is one of the most impressive builds we have seem over the years. View Tower

You can check out all highrise, Towers and Skycrapers below!

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