Aries | Landscape

Hello, i’m _Killerack_, i’m a french terraformer and i’m a BlockWorks and lordblock member.

I’m proud to show you my new map “Aries”, I made the map worldmachine 3.75k
– Terraforming : with worldmachine/worldpainter/voxelsniper

TexturePack: onigiris/default

Render: by Nati
Hebara and lauritamiau

Additional Credits: Built by: _Killerack_


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  1. Hi, this map is awesome and I’m in *desperate* need of some sort of landscape to use on my server (I’m building a type of MMO game) and neither I nor any of my friends can build landscapes, like, at all… please respond… :>

    also, we will credit you and give you a builder rank on the server :3
    (if you ever come on we’ll make you an admin or something)
    aaaand if we make ranks or something we’ll give you some of the cut :333

    ok im done now

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