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Arabian Village

This is my first project in a long line which are to be themed mostly around arid/lush environments, specifically those located in the Mediterranean and the Middle-East.

This build uses the BiomesoPlenty, Dark Roleplay, Chisel and Decocraft mods which are linked below. To install these simply follow each mods manual instructions; or create a new instance on the curse launcher as I have done with the latest version of forge, then use the automatic installer functionality provided by curse. If you don’t want to install these all non-vanilla blocks will disappear as one would expect.

The recommended texturepack is the BdoubleO’s texturepack; to download click this link:

This build has also been inspired by his work, so give him some love ? (find him on youtube)

(Interior decorations will be done sometime in the future, for now external decorations have been completed.)


Dark Roleplay mod:



Additional Credits: Built by: Titus Armillius


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