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Akumu | The Dream Consumer


You are in the middle of nowhere, you just walked past a valley of blood hills. You haven’t encountered any living species around you. A strong iron scent exudes from the plants, like if they were pumping blood from the ground.

There is a gateway in front of you, the orange coating of the rocks peels off and dissolves as it gets blown by the hot wind.

You are in the vast lands, everything feels hostile and leaves you in confusion. Now you have crossed the gateway, the wind pushes you to the center of the clearing. Your sight is being tricked, now you see on both sides like if it were the reflection of the other. You hear a whispering voice, a giant face comes out of the darkness. His dreadful arms grab you. Your breath stops. The night rises.

Concept and explanation
The idea behind this creation is to incarnate the cycle of time through a personification of a divinity. Also one of the main themes that I wanted to explore is the bipolarity. Here are few examples you can find in the build :
Orange temple/Blue temple

Movement and transformation were also another aspect that we wanted to try to incorporate. There is also a reference to time traveling in the build, can you find it?
Sidenote : Akumu means nightmare in Japanese.

Technical aspect
Probably the biggest difference in the execution lies in the fact that blocks aren’t always placed to define the material itself. The process was rather much more instinctive and captures a few similarities with painting techniques. Juxtaposition of different layers, blurring techniques, etc.. So in a way, the overall shaping was very influenced by the colors and textures we wanted to give to the components. You will notice a very sharp jungle and vegetation as opposed to a more fluid and smooth organic.

For the coloring and lighting adjustment, the main trick was to balance terrain with the center piece of this project. Red and green are often two colors that Denzarou likes to match together, they blend very well with dark brown as transition color.

In the composition aspect we have a few points of symmetry to counterbalance the disorder and the complexity of the shapes and different assets.

This build is dedicated to: Lindblumen & Schnogot

Inspiration board:
Music: Herbst9, Troum, Yen Pox
Artists: Beksinski

Tools used: World Edit, Voxel Sniper.
For more info about the techniques used in this project click here.
Organic: Denzarou & Echto
Terrain, Structures & Environment: Denzarou

Additional Credits: By: Denzarou


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