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Affinity HD Resource Pack

Affinity HD Resource Pack is a semi realistic fantasy pack for Minecraft created by Goran Mirkov. This pack has many new features and is prefect for all game types! Doesn’t matter if your playing survival or designing you next mega build for your city.

This texture pack was created in 2011 and has been updated constantly over the years to present day. This should give you peace of mind that it will be around for a long time coming.

Affinity HD Resource Pack is the first modular pack. Each model contains textures from it’s description. If you download all the modules you will have a complete package. This feature was added to improve player customizations. Example if you don’t want HD skies, you can simply no install that module. Did I mention this also has sounds!

Separate Modules:

  • Core
  • GUI
  • Blocks
  • Items and Armor
  • Mobs
  • Plant
  • Skies
  • Shaders
  • Music

Another major benefit is you can mix and match models with either 256x, 128x, or 64x. So if you machine is not power full enough to run the full 256x you can simply have for example HD skies and everything else set to 64x. You get to chose what you want in HD!

Affinity has a great section on there site that gives step by step tutorial on how to install. Keep in mind HD Patcher  or Optifine are recommended. Check out their tutorial here.




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