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Aeron – City of the Skyknights + Timelapse

We love when a group of amazing builder work together and create amazing things like this city. The group of builders is big but they deserve to be mentioned before we show you the great work they have done. This was created by maddis1337, DArealVID, LueckeFelix, TheST0RMXT, DJpaulii, Kellerbier, Kime8, Mr_Jabbas, Assikuh, Carp_13, Nili06, InfernalJason, Elodai, Mickare, Rubikapulla, RRMonty.

This build has the name of ‘City of the Skyknights” and they also created a beautiful timelapse to show their progress.

City of the Skyknights is a custom terrain with a lot of temples and waterfalls. It may not sound like much but the whole build took about 14 hours of 16 builders, but if you do the math that is 224 hours total. If your job was to build this, you will have to spend your 8 office daily  hours and will take you a month to complete it.

If you check out their profile, you will find some other crazy builds this team has put together too. Here you will find more information about this build.

The texture pack they used, sadly, it’s only for the ”Teweran” minecraft server and so far has only been shared to their members.

Timelapse of the city being constructed.

Aeron - City of the Skyknights Minecraft building ideas 2 Aeron - City of the Skyknights Minecraft building ideas 3 Aeron - City of the Skyknights Minecraft building ideas 4 Aeron - City of the Skyknights Minecraft building ideas

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