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A Christmas ADVENTure 3 [2014]

Welcome to the official download for the “Christmas ADVENTure 3 [2014]”! This map follows the 31 days of December and was created for Inthelittlewood, SoTotallyToby, xIubez and MegaGwolf to play during the Christmas season. Now it is released to the public for everyone to play and enjoy!


This map is interactive. You must use the resource pack as provided in order to play the adventure in its full glory! Everybody participating in the map must have the resource pack installed and applied. All the sound clips were provided by Noxite of the Noxcrew.

This story is a twist-and-turn take of the well known Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol, where Scrooge did not heed the warnings of the three ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. As such, Mr. Scrooge lived his life alone, bitter, and ended his life in a similar fashion. The events that soon befall the Christmas ADVENTurers follow Scrooge’s fall from–well, his possible grace–and much more!

World Download

Follow theses rules carefully or the map may break:
– Must be played in 1.8
– Minimum of 4 players
– DO NOT leave the areas
– Follow the rules as presented in each challenge
– DO NOT log off during a challenge


The people who played a major part in creation of the map are listed below with links to their social media. Everyone had multiple contributions in the creation of the map. i.e Quazymoodo helped with storyboarding, or I (K1ll1er) built some areas.

Project Leader & Writer: K1ll1er
Voice Actor & Lead Writer: Noxite
Voice Actor: Adoxographist
Artist: Nina Serena
Textures: ArsenicShark
Co-Writer: Duhshronky
Redstone: Huntondoom
Builder: Quazymoodo
Builder: Mouldy_Burrito
Builder: ChrisBambii
Builder: Rajkkor
Builder: Mr_Mike
Builder: Blockzcubed
Builder: e_mouse

Special Thanks to our Guests (Voices) that Joined us this Year!


Server hosting was provided by Clankstar (Minecraft User).

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Download A Christmas ADVENTure 3 [2014] Required Resource Pack [/box]


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