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6 Amazing Minecraft City and Town Builds

So, you’ve cut your teeth on a variety of builds. You started off with a simple castle. Stepped up to some more complex houses. Maybe you even went as far as to build your first skyscraper or tower. Now, you’re ready for your next Minecraft challenge: build a complete city or town. If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve got 6 awesome complete town and city builds for all kinds of tastes.

1. Medieval Bundle

Medieval Bundle minecraft pack ideas

It’s not a Minecraft build list without a medieval recommendation. This Medieval bundle contains over 11 different medieval-styled structures to plan and flesh out your dream fantasy town. From small peasant houses to majestic towers and chapels, you’ll find pretty much everything you need to kickstart your project. The nice thing about this pack is that the builds aren’t too intimidating to put together yet they still have just enough detail to make them look cool.

2. Greenville Idyllic Village

GREENVILLE idyllic village

Stepping into the real world, this Minecraft build contains a village inspired by US locales. It’s not a huge town build so it’s quite ideal if you’re just starting out. The nice thing is that the houses are empty, meaning you’ve got plenty of room to add your own creativity. The build also contains an MCEdit schematic to make building it easier.

3. Gotham City

Gotham City  Minecraft

The most iconic superhero city is without a doubt Gotham. What better way to test your building mettle than with a Minecraft build of Batman’s hometown. Even if you want to just download the build and have some fun, it makes for an excellent Survival map. There’s even a Batmobile and a Bat Signal in the sky. You’ll definitely want to pair this with one of our recommended superhero mods and skins.

4. Oriental Build Pack

Oriental Build Pack

Feeling like taking a trip to the Far East? This Oriental Build Pack has all of the structures you need to make a town or village you’d find in ancient China. Aside from structures, houses and towers, you’ll also find a set of Chinese-inspired ships as well as building with a more modern flair.

5. Greenfield – Realistic Modern City

Greenfield City

How about stepping things up a little? Greenfield is one of the largest cities ever built in Minecraft. It took over 15 Minecraft builders to put together, in fact. Should that seem too intimidating to build on your own, you can always recruit your friends to help you out and make it a team project. Even if you’re just looking to walk around, it’s amazing to look at how close to realistic a Minecraft build can actually become.

6. Mother of Trees

Mother of Trees

What’s a big ol’ tree doing in a city build list? Well, this giant tree isn’t all that it seems to be. Within its branches hides a small elf town. It’s a truly unique feat of creativity, which is why we’ve added it to this list. Minecraft is all about putting your creative juices to work and this Mother of Trees build is one we’re hoping will get yours going.

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