Minecraft Daft Punk around the world

Around The World | Daft Punk

Here is a video by Scifiguy’s Minecraft! Some words from the animator: Hello fellow Minecrafters! After 8 days, with 39 total …

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Ping Pong Table Minecraft design wood

Ping Pong Table

To make a ping pong table all you need is fence and carpet! Take a look at the screenshots. The …

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Minecraft build ideas packing cakes factory assembly line

Packing Cake | Factory

Building a factory of some sort? Why not a packing cake factory! The picture above resembles a assembly line with …

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Use dark wood to make wood look wet minecraft ideas

Make Wood Look Wet

Tip: When building anything in the water weather its a fishing dock, boat house, etc use dark wood to make …

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Minecraft design snow as pillows

Bed Pillows | Snow

Building your own bed is easy with the default bed. Now building your own custom bed is better! Typically looks …

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OzoCraft | Texture Pack

The designer: Ozo This pack has a realistic/rustic feel to it but at the same time that playful Minecraft feeling. Trying …

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Floating Icelands minecraft building ideas small cathedral

Floating Icelands

The builder 0neArcher Here are my Floating Icelands (punpunpun)… i really like Floating islands now… big fan. This is my floating …

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Conquest resource pack minecraft texture

Conquest | Resource Pack

You need to use Optifine or Mcpatcher together with this Resource pack! Optifine/McPatcher required! Custom sounds Since im not the type of guy who …

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