Bathroom and Mirror

Here is a pretty sweet design and easy to build! The idea behind this is the illusion of a working …

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Fresh HD Texture Pack Minecraft 9

Fresh HD | Texture Pack

A new and rising texture pack by Design Trainer. Fresh HD is a texture pack with some inspiration from the popular …

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Water Cooler

Here is a another great idea! Meet the new water cooler! This will be one of those finishing touches if …

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Ceretien Palace Minecraft castle

Ceretien Palace

Ceretien Palace is a beautiful build by LickSquidSteel. The exterior is perfect and looks like any palace should. The builder didn’t …

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Minecraft Donkey Fast Jumping

Were running FASTER!

So just a small update. You may have noticed a huge performance boost to the site. We’ve teamed up with …

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Coterie Craft Resource Texture Pack

Coterie Craft 16x | Texture Pack

The designer: Cpt. Corn COTERIE CRAFT  is not your traditional faithful pack, it’s not default…INSTEAD, it has evolved into something eye-pleasing …

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Minecraft Detail Apple Computer OSX Mac

Apple / MAC | Computer

Here is a lovely apple computer! (personally not an apple fan but w/e) Pretty easy and looks good in a …

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