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Potion Effects and IDs

Effect (player) (effect) (time) (strength)

The potion effect strength can go as high as 250 but by then it usually cancels itself out, so control MATTERS!
/effect <player> <effect> [seconds] [amplifier]


Effect number list (Add this to the <effect> section)

1   Speed Increases walking speed
2   Slowness Decreases walking speed
3   Haste Increases mining and attack speed
4   Mining Fatigue Decreases mining and attack speed
5   Strength Increases melee damage
6 Instant Health Heals entities, damages undead
7 Instant Damage Damages entities, heals undead
8   Jump Boost Increases jump height and reduces fall damage
9   Nausea Wobbles and warps the screen
10   Regeneration Regenerates health over time
11   Resistance Reduces most damage
12   Fire Resistance Immunity to fire, etc.
13   Water Breathing Prevents drowning
14   Invisibility Grants invisibility
15   Blindness Impairs vision
16   Night Vision Negates darkness
17   Hunger Increases food exhaustion
18   Weakness Decreases melee damage
19   Poison Inflicts damage over time (but can’t kill)
20   Wither Inflicts damage over time (can kill)
21   Health Boost Increases maximum health
22   Absorption Adds damage absorption
23 Saturation Restores hunger and saturation
24   Glowing Outlines entities (can be seen through blocks)
25   Levitation Floats entities upwards
26   Luck Increases chances of high-quality loot
27   Bad Luck Reduces chances of high-quality loot

So if you wanted to add speed to the player, you would do this:

/effect <Your Name> 1 <number of seconds> <what level of speed you want>

All of these status effects can be removed by drinking milk. Singleplayer users with cheats enabled and operators in Multiplayer servers can use command /effect with the time of the effect set to 0 or /effect <playername> clear to achieve the same goal.

If you have a server, such as RPG or fighting, or arcade,
you can use command blocks (ID 137) to give people potion effects for certain situations.


If you have cheats enabled you can obtain command blocks with the following: /give (player) 137



More on this complicated topic:
Thanks to simonh2000 for putting this together!

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How do you change how strong the effect is?

Matthew Kelly

you do the thing after /effect ___ 90000 aplifier
the amplifire dow the stuff that is stronger


example /effect (playername) speed 1000000 60
60 is the max for the amplifier 1000000 is the time and speed is the effect name


After the duration, put a number representing the power. Example (/effect Notch 1 50 2) That represents that Notch will get Speed II (or 2) for 50 seconds. Your welcome

Your Mom

very strong… like a bull


they can be set in an infinite time by typing /effect @a 2 9999 20


yes, if u do /effect (player name) (effect #) (time) (what strength it is)

the time would be 4000 to last forever


you can’t


if you want to undo all the effects drink a milk


Use the /give command: /give


thanks man!


@JRB3H-B7 do /effects YourNick clear


This helped me make me realm! if yah wanna good Text 4435342937


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