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How to create a minecraft server 1.6.4 (PC)

Below are the very easy steps to running your own minecraft sever at home! Please note that you must have a good internet connection at home to allow more then 5 people I would say. Ohh and lots of RAM minecraft loves RAM!

Below is a guide created by dreamer97. I’ve modified it a bit to make it user friendly and correcting spelling errors!

  1. Visit Minecraft.net and download “minecraft_server.1.6.4.exe” (latest version at this time of writing)
  2. Go to start then accessories then “Run” and type “cmd” (without quotations)(Windows Key+R = shortcut)
  3. Once the command prompt has open type “ipconfig” and you should see a bunch of numbers and words saying stuff like this: “Ipv4 address” “subnet mask” etc
  4. Go down until you find “IpV4 address” Note the last number(s) of it. (Example
  5. In the command prompt and find “Default Gateway” and copy the numbers into your address bar in your browser. Preferably Internet Explorer. (Example
  6. It should come up with a page from your internet provider
  7. Go to advanced settings then port forwarding. Note all routers are different. (Guides here)
  8. Name it whatever you want.
  9. The start port and end port have to be 25565 NOTHING ELSE
  10. The protocol should be TCP
  11. IP address = put the last number(s) of .your IpV4 address in it (from step 3)
  12. Go to ipchicken.com and note down your IP
  13. Run “minecraftserver.exe”
  14. Launch minecraft and go to multilayer and enter your ip with the port so it should be something like this: yourip:25565
  15. Enjoy your home hosted server!

Now you can keep going and install mods! http://bukkit.org/ is a great place to start 😀

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how do you install the plug-ins to the server? i have many problems with that part!


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