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Play As Thor In Vanilla Minecraft

Play as thor in vanilla minecraft fun mod easy how to

Thor in Vanilla Minecraft Minecraft Project I recreated Thor in Vanilla Minecraft! Just download this map and prepare for an amazing experience with many different abilities! Before you jump into things though, please read the following points! -Play on 1.8.3! -This map only works for singleplayer! -This is a very CPU intensive map. I recommend putting all your settings to ...

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How To Build A Modern House / Best Modern House HD Tutorial

How To build A Modern House  Best modern House 2013 - 2014 ( hd ) Tutorial

Looking for a simple and easy tutorial to follow on building your first nice modern house? Look no further. Typhoon Cinema has created a great guild and step by step instructions to get it finished. A download of the completed project is below. This build includes: Pool Custom Tree’s Patios Garage Bed Room and tons more! The resource pack they ...

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How To Create Awesome Terrains with World-Machine

How To Create Awesome Terrains with World-Machine

Today i will show you how to make awesome custom terrains. In world-machine. I will make a series of tutorials on this topic because there are a lot of different styles and possibilies and I cant show everything in one tutorial. So today I show just the basic way to create a nice terrain. I will make more advanced tutorials ...

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Hidden Bookshelf Chest Trick Keep Your Diamonds Safe

Minecaft hidden chest tutorial how to

Hat tip to JerenVids who took the time to make this video and screenshot tutorial on how to hide your inventory from others in Minecraft. This seems to work with the following versions 1.8.3 / 1.8 / 1.7. There maybe others let us know and we will get them added to this list! This is a handy tool especially if you play ...

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Lesser Known Things About Minecraft

Shifting on a vine will keep you from falling, meaning that you can cross gaps by shifting and walking towards vines.

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Survival House | Tutorial

survival house tutorial how to cheap minecraft building ideas wood and stone

What’s up everybody?  Gray Remnant here!  Today I’ve got a nice little tutorial for you all.  It’s a 13×19 survival house complete with some survival essentials.  If your building in survival mode, the tutorial is 11 steps and fairly straightforward, so give the video a look. Today’s Gray Remnant skin is brought to you by ArdanDeGramte.  He’s an expert skinner ...

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How To Build A Modern Apartment Building

keralis how to build a modern apartment building minecraft building ides how to

Here is a few step tutorial by Keralis on how to build an apartment building. He will walk you though this entire build from the very first block. I’ve always found its great to try and rebuild something this for inspiration and ideas for future builds. In Minecraft you learn a lot from others. This is a 5 step build ...

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How to Build a Medieval House and Download

How to Build a Medieval House and Download tutorial video keralis

In this tutorial Keralis will walk you though how to build a medieval house. Of course you don’t have t0 follow his instructions step by step, be sure to make adjustments you like on the fly! This is a great way to learn how to make a professional looking house. Enjoy Part 2

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Beginners Guide to Redstone

Minecraft redstone beginners guide what is how to

In this article we will be taking a basic look at redstone, for those really new to redstone, so if your Pro at redstone, you might only learn a few things… First of all the very basic… Redstone wire is placed on the ground and a button, lever or pressure plate on 1 end, and when pushed/Pulled, it will light ...

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How to install a world save and use schematic files


Many of you maybe just entering the world of Minecraft and are just starting out. Or you could be just starting to get curious about all the different builds out there and want to play around on someones else-ls world. Below are directions for installing other world saves into your Minecraft along with using WorldEdit to place schematic files. How ...

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