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How To Build A Simple Laser Door


Youtuber Minecraft Universe | TrueMU will walk us though on how to create a simple door but from freaking laser beams! This is a great way to add some high tech geeky stuff to your build. You will need: Diamond blocks Sticky Piston Red stone Quartz Beacon Beams Red Glass (any color works) Carpet Gates Don’t forget to post in …

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How To Easily Make A Basic Render

How to make a basic render Minecraft ideas 10

Today I will be showing you how I make some basic but nice looking renders like the cover photo. I need to make a new render because there was more added to that build, so I decided I’d show the process in a tutorial. I’ve never done a tutorial before so bare with me if it’s sloppy. It helps if you …

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How to be a Better Builder – 4-Step Guide


Everyone can build a basic structure in Minecraft. The tricky part is to take a simple blocky build and give it a sense of realism you wouldn’t expect in such a simplistic block-based game. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add depth to any of your creations.   Step 1 – Make your general structure Starting any build you should have at …

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How To Build A Working Hot Tub / Jacuzzi

How to build a working hot tub in mincraft tutorial

In this tutorial MagmaMusen will be showing us how to make a what looks like a functional hot tub! This will go along great with any mansion! This whole thing takes less then 5 minutes to build! What you will need Dirt (building block anything will work) Redstone Redstone Repeater Dispenser Flint Quartz Slab Chiseled Quartz Block Button Water

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Mountain and Floating Island Generator | Command Block

mountain and floating island generator with only lone command block pastebin amazing easy

Hello everyone! This week I worked on a generator: a Mountain & Floating Island generator! Create awesome landscapes without downloading anything. All you have to do (as always) you need to copy the command from the pastebin website. Click on the pastebin link below to get the command. COMMAND INFO  Command  length: 31’511 characters Maximum command block space:  32’767 characters Time spent to make this …

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Wooden Cogs | 100% Vanilla!

Minecraft detail how to Wooden Cogs  100 Vanilla

Tree Root Plays has figured out a way to create realistic looking wooden gears! Check out his video. This is created using gates, stone wall and pistons. Pretty simple.  All your doing is just dropping armor stands alternating angles in which the arms create the cogs! Pretty genius! This would be great for some windmills, water wheels, blacksmiths and tons of …

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How You Can Make Your Own Minecraft Skins

Minecraft skins how to guide place to make your own amazing tutorial

Minecraft lets you customize everything, even what your character looks like. There’s two ways to create your own player skin for Minecraft. First, you can manually create or edit it in Photoshop or another graphics program. Keep in mind that this option has you editing the raw texture file, so the image you draw won’t quite look like your in-game …

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Hard Working Minions In One Command

full working minion slave minecraft command block how to amazing wow

Today MrGarretto will walk us though command on useful minions! Yes bring them to life Gru! To create a minion, you must first create a mini armorstand, with a slab and a fence. Then, you can create a minion staff with a blaze rod and redstone torch. Now, you must simply place the mini armor stand, then throw the staff …

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Building Tips: Negative Space, Make Your City Complete

Minecraft negative space how to build ideas tips guides perfect city

The author: sarlac I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about the gap between things. Frequently I see Minecraft builds that are things plopped onto the land. Sometimes they are towns, keeps, or cities, which in turn become many things plopped onto the land – near each other but not WITH each other. Proximity does not …

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Tutorial: How To Build a Simple Starter TreeHouse

How To Build a Simple Starter TreeHouse Minecraft tutorial

In this tutorial Keralis will walk you though how to build a simple treehouse up in a tree. Bring out that inner child in yourself again! This house is built with dirt, stone and wood. Of course you can always pick your own material to match your surrounding. Could be a lot of fun to build some bridges between multiple …

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