City Vibe | Retro Modern Penthouse

City Vibe Retro Modern Penthouse minecraft builds interior amazing ideas

City Vibe – Penthouse by Block_Fortress City Vibe is built with a number of key features/points in mind: – Designed for 1 person or a couple – High end young luxurious entertainment lifestyle – Open plan, mmaximizedspace – Retro modern feel Hopefully you see those features/points as you explore the penthouse. First Floor Initial sketch The first floor is completely ...

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Tudor Mansion

Tudor Mansion minecraft building ideas big amazing house home download interior

This is my first Tudor Style Mansion I have ever attempted.  The build took about a week and a half to complete.  There are bunch of unique features this house has to offer, such as being built for both creative and survival.  The house was built with a custom Moartex and I used both Seus and Rudo Plays shaders.  You ...

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Large Victorian House

Victorian House Home download mincraft amazing quartz wrap around

This victorian house uses yellow stained clay, lime stained clay, quartz, and stone bricks as the main building materials. I also used andesite as a foundation and some red brick details mixed into the structure. The house exterior consists of a wrap-around porch that leads to a backyard patio. There is a driveway that leads to a small garage house ...

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The Escape | Modern House

The Escape Modern House 1.8 minecraft building ideas download save

Well Hello! Welcome to The Escape. This house is a modern vacation home. I created it myself. This House has no interior. That job is up to you!! (Resource Pack- Flow’s HD) (Shaderpack- KUDA Shaders 0.5.0 v5) Again, Thanks for all the support on my builds!:) Leave me feedback in the comments! Built by: SacredDiamonds

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Cyrishia | Minimal Modern House

Cyrishia Minimal Modern House building ideas amazing download

In this project I put all my fancy. I can’t explain you how it’s difficult to imagine-create-build a house from zero , but I think that a lot of guys , like me, had the same problem …. However this isn’t a difficulty because it’s the main process to get the best from a person , and this is what I ...

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Fantasy Mansion Plot

Fantasy Mansion Plot (Download) minecraft building ideas hire save water

There isn’t really much to say about this plot but I made it so I could rankup on the Qubion Creative server! Enjoy Made by MrSheep74 I am also available for commission work! Add my skype -> Naartig12 Build Time: 2 Days {IP Credits: Thank you Markiealso for the amazing renders! Tools:  Hands & Little bit of W/E  

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Tutorial: How To Build a Simple Starter TreeHouse

How To Build a Simple Starter TreeHouse Minecraft tutorial

In this tutorial Keralis will walk you though how to build a simple treehouse up in a tree. Bring out that inner child in yourself again! This house is built with dirt, stone and wood. Of course you can always pick your own material to match your surrounding. Could be a lot of fun to build some bridges between multiple ...

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The Mushroom Mansion

The Mushroom Mansion minecraft creative building ideas unique huge

Have you ever wondered where the master of mushrooms lived? Today I’ve made an attempt in recreating his home, it’s a mansion located on a strange island packed with huge mushrooms! 😉 If you like builds like this let me know by giving me a diamond, commenting or perhaps even favouriting! Built by: prof_artifex  

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Le Château des Cieux

Le Château des Cieux amazing minecraft build floating house mansion fantacy 3

Hey guys! Here’s a new project I’ve been working on for the last 5 months or so, Le Château des Cieux! I tried to challenge myself with this build by trying to make a house that would have existed in the 1700’s, so no electronics or TV’s. Based off of the Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte, this french mansion contains ...

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Zentoro | A Conceptual Modern Home

Zentoro A Conceptual Modern home minecraft building ideas download schematic amazing beautiful

Hey guys, it’s been over a year and I haven’t been updating my account so heres a new home. Zentoro is a Modern Conceptual build created by me and designed by me. It took me about 2 weeks to design all of exterior and about a day to design the interior. This build consists of the specifications down below. Specifications: 2- Floors ...

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