Victorian Home | WoK

Victorian Home WoK minecraft building ideas house interior finished country porch

Hi! It’s Fahd showing you another build – a Victorian Home! This summer-time open-plan home includes everything need in a luxury home, such as an kitchen open to a living room, a dining area and the foyer, bedrooms and bathrooms! :3 Help me to get to 400 subscribers and level 38? That would be very fantastic indeed, daahhhlinggs! If you ...

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Ravenhold | Skyrim Inspired project

Ravenhold Skyrim inspired project minecraft house castle midevil town download

This is a project of mine to build a Skyrim style town/city. I love the architecture of the buildings in Skyrim, and along with Minecraft, Skyrim is my favorite game; so I decided to build my own buildings based off of Skyrim’s style, but using my own imagination as well. I thought of the name ‘Ravenhold’ taking inspiration from the ...

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Flow | Home

Back or Front

I was just experimenting with some shapes and stuff and then… this! It is furnished but you can of course delete it and add your own. It doesn’t have a bedroom because I built it in a flat-world but there is room to add a basement or you can make the dining room a bit smaller. You can use this ...

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Survival House | Tutorial

survival house tutorial how to cheap minecraft building ideas wood and stone

What’s up everybody?  Gray Remnant here!  Today I’ve got a nice little tutorial for you all.  It’s a 13×19 survival house complete with some survival essentials.  If your building in survival mode, the tutorial is 11 steps and fairly straightforward, so give the video a look. Today’s Gray Remnant skin is brought to you by ArdanDeGramte.  He’s an expert skinner ...

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Box | Modern House

Modern house box minecraft building ideas home

A box style modern house i made for town streets . Has no furniture . I did a little update and added some bushes around the house, But lefted the tree because i dont see it much and i would love it in my own house. Texture pack used: Flows hd For the picture: Chuncky render Built by: Jimbobbob  

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Greenville | Idyllic Village

GREENVILLE idyllic village for download Map Schematics minecraft building ideas blueprints 15

Let’s start american patriotism. This is a small modern & idyllic US village with typical american houses and american flags It’s just a small project, nothing like my other huge projects. On my download link you can find two files: 1. for the map itself and 2. for the schematics (You need MCEdit). The buildings are mostly empty, so that ...

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Country Home | Ranch House and Farm

Country Home Ranch House farm minecraft building ideas 2 story

Here is a beautiful 2 story farm built by Goldeneye33. Features a farm house which could be called a mansion, along with a barn and plenty of fields for your harvesting needs. The interior is complete along with the barn which has some horse stalls. Interior features: Living Room Kitchen Dining Room Master Bathroom Master Bedroom and more! Be sure ...

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Victorian House

Minecraft Victorian House City Download build ideas

This took me only two days but bye far my favorite house I have made. I just need to finish the outside. Includes: -3 Bedrooms -2 Bathrooms -2 Living Rooms -1 Kitchen -Pool -Wash Room -Garage -Greeting Room Texture Pack: Flows HD built by: kpino_

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Sustinere Island and Ship

Sustinere Island house minecraft building ideas boat ship sail

Sustinere Island is an abandoned island in the middle of the sea. The island is carved into the shape of a Bear (Sustinere means ‘Bear’ in Latin). The island has an old Lighthouse at the top of the Island to warn sailors to avoid the island and to not get wrecked like others before them. The build itself includes: Bear organic ...

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Mediterranean Beach House

Mediterranean Beach House minecraft building idea home modern

Built by _Hala_ Today, I present you my third Modern House. It is quiet huge but I won’t call it mansion because there aren’t so many rooms. I got inspired Mediterranean houses that we can see on the seashore of France. That’s why there white-stoned excavation and high pines. I didn’t spend so much time working on details for the ...

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