The Beautiful Palace of Relief

The Beautiful Palace of Relief

This is Chateau Soulagement / Palace of Relief. The size of this palace is about 500 by 600 blocks of which most includes the chateau itself and the other 50 % of gardens. The chateau is designed in a very French Baroque kind of style, with the large windows, very extensive structures, the courtyard, fountains and very geometrical lawn. Built …

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Riverbend Medieval House

Riverbend Medieval House minecraft cottage build ideas download save terrain

Following the crane tutorial from the other day, I said there would be a small map up for download within the next few days. Well… Here it is. It’s not a large scale map, but its a nice little cozy cottage you could almost say. Hopefully, I should have another chunk of Toland up for download by Thursday hopefully. Now …

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Medieval Playerhome

Medieval Playerhome fantacy minecraft building ideas download save 2 story house home

Hey guys and thanks for checking out my project. This medieval house was supposed to be my player home on the Adrundaal-Server. It was a bit inspired by the Eldor Castle but turned out very different. As the city was the opinion that the house doesn’t fit to their concept, I decided to build a plot sized landscape around it and …

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Modern Condo / Apartment

Modern Condo Apartment building minecraft ideas download save city complete

Top on the morning to you Lads! Today I have made me a Modern Condo/Apartment! And It took me like 16 hrs to build this. And I suck at furnishing I recommend you using the Flows HD when using the map. And Hope you enjoy it! Built by: LEMMiNO

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PineVale Mansion

PineVale Mansion fantasy house minecraft building ideas world save download

The build is called PineVale Mansion and was originally an experimental build to practice a structure based around French chateau style. I liked where the build was going so after I finished the building I decided to then build terrain around. I then got carried away with the concept and it basically turned into practice for organics (something I really …

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Humble Homestead

Humble Homestead minecraft building download save schematic cottage home

Introducing my newest project, ‘Humble Homestead’. This is a solo build which has taken me around 2 months to complete and was built on the Blockworks Creative server. The size is around 550×470 and 256 blocks tall but it would of been alot taller if not for the height limit. It originally started as just a brick wall and has …

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Renaissance Manor

Renaissance Manor minecraft building ideas download plantation house

This “magnificent” home I freestyled couple days ago, with the following: 5 bedrooms 4,5 bathrooms Kitchen Office Living Room Grand Story with Giant Fireplace Dining Rooo Game Room Poll 2 Garages 2 Staircases Storage Rooms Tea Room The pain I went through making this beauty, the time I spent on it, you will never know. I don’t care how it …

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City Vibe | Retro Modern Penthouse

City Vibe Retro Modern Penthouse minecraft builds interior amazing ideas

City Vibe – Penthouse by Block_Fortress City Vibe is built with a number of key features/points in mind: – Designed for 1 person or a couple – High end young luxurious entertainment lifestyle – Open plan, mmaximizedspace – Retro modern feel Hopefully you see those features/points as you explore the penthouse. First Floor Initial sketch The first floor is completely …

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Tudor Mansion

Tudor Mansion minecraft building ideas big amazing house home download interior

This is my first Tudor Style Mansion I have ever attempted.  The build took about a week and a half to complete.  There are bunch of unique features this house has to offer, such as being built for both creative and survival.  The house was built with a custom Moartex and I used both Seus and Rudo Plays shaders.  You …

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Large Victorian House

Victorian House Home download mincraft amazing quartz wrap around

This victorian house uses yellow stained clay, lime stained clay, quartz, and stone bricks as the main building materials. I also used andesite as a foundation and some red brick details mixed into the structure. The house exterior consists of a wrap-around porch that leads to a backyard patio. There is a driveway that leads to a small garage house …

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