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  • Genesis Turtle – A Living Ark

    Genesis Turtle – A Living Ark

    The builder Tech Zero Hello! This is a contest build succeeding my former ones including Rollerquest...

  • Babylon


    Meet Babylon, a one man mission to rebuild the city and boy did he deliver! Created by Roi_Louis and...

  • Medieval Bundle | Building Pack

    Medieval Bundle | Building Pack

    Some words from the builder Lemon-Fox USAGE: You CAN use this buildings on your server (Credits appr...

  • Nar’Thalas – Home of the Cloud Elves

    Nar’Thalas – Home of the Cloud Elves

    The builder Guitarfreak Nar Thalas, home of the Skyalfar is a peaceful sanctuary for their kind. Sky...

  • My World | City

    My World | City

    My World was crated by FunnyCube565. This is one of those unique uploads of how someone started off ...

Galos Citadel

Galos Citadel Minecraft building ideas city town castle dragon

The builder GogocraftFR I’m really proud and excited too present you my new project : Galos Citadel by GogocraftFR  Description Hello everyone ! I’m proud and excited to present to you my last Build called “Galos Citadel”. This map is composed by a Citadel, a mausoleum, 2 ships, 4 dragons and a lot of houses. Tools Used Voxel Sniper WorldEdit Camera Studio ... Read More »

Lothlorien | LOTR

Lothlorien - LOTR Lord of the Rings Minecraft building ideas trees

Divici In J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium, Lothlórien is the fairest forest realm of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth during the Third Age. The realm plays an important part in The Lord of the Rings as the Elven centre of resistance against Sauron and is a symbol for the Elves’ aesthetics of preservation which provides a space ‘out of time’ for the ... Read More »

BlockWorks Inc | Industrial

BlockWorks Inc Minecraft building ideas city iron industrial 2

The builders: BlockWorks B L O C K W O R K S   I N C. How builds are really made… BlockWorks Inc. is the headquarters of the BlockWorks building team. From this vast industrial complex BlockWorks produces builds of all styles, themes and sizes. Whether it be the molding of wall details, or the texturing of organic statues, all ... Read More »

Blackwind Metropolis A City in the Sky

Blackwind Metropolis A City in the Sky floating minecraft building inspiration

The builder NinamanOfficial Ninaman here, and as some of you may know, I have been working on this build, Blackwind Metropolis: A City in the Sky for a while now. After 4 months of work, it is finally completed! It has been so much fun to build, experiment, and learn from working on. The build itself consists of floating islands with ... Read More »

Lost Isles Of Galitor | Island

Lost Isles Of Galitor island village minecraft building ideas start 3

The world creator: Jeracraft The Lost Isles Of Galitor Hey everyone welcome back to another hardworking download, this new map is now completed following that epic video cinematic. This is a custom world painter map, inculding some epic creations for you to adventure & discover. Map Details Large Custom Landscape Custom NPC Village Temple Ruins Hidden Locations Hidden Loot Chests Custom Caves ... Read More »

Soveriin – The End of Aurae | Town

Soveriin The End of Aurae minecraft building townhall city village

Building team: Aurae -View on 1.7 to avoid glitches and problems -View with  Conquest and Connected Textures on Sad to see this team go, but they did a pretty damn good job! Well guys, I guess this is it. The end of the journey. After about a year, Aurae has officially come to an end. Due to members being pre-occupied with life, or ... Read More »

Kingdom of Azerian | Oriental Capital

Kingdom of Azerian - Oriental Capital minecraft castle mountain build

Built by Fischsuppe In January I started a small Egypt/oriental themed build after a slow and small start i decide to make it bigger, several months later i am finally able to release my ABS APP ! Lore The vicious battle came to an end in the relentless winds of the great Azerian desert. A moment of silence as the colossal ... Read More »

Monster University Frat Houses

MU frat houses Monster University minecraft building inc college school learning

The recreator: Mezaka As said in the last posts of mine, these frat houses are part of the Monster University (by Pixxar) build, that i never finished. Still here are my builds of the frat houses. I tried to stay very close to the concept art i found on pixxars blog about them. Further builds will follow…   Read More »

Pophasus | Town

Pophasus minecraft city town old medieval kingdom build ideas 2

The art of the city always reflects it’s inahbitants. A haven for those who were always with the current of the market flock to the city Pophasus. Combined with the elegance of it’s one, unified style of Gothic,Victorian,and Baroque. Pophasus became the city of art as well as the city of Wealth. Merchants here can always find promising busniess in ... Read More »

Osgiliath – Ancient Capital of Gondor

Osgiliath - Ancient Capital of Gondor minecraft LOTR building ideas 2

The builder EpicQuestz Osgiliath: About 600×600 in size, with custom terrain and over 200 original buildings. Osgiliath took us about 4+ months to create, and was built by the EpicQuestz and Empire War build teams. (Mainly during several build days) A massive thanks to Only_God, who lead the building of the project and build most important buildings, like the Dome. He ... Read More »

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