City / Town

Future CITY 3.1

Minecraft Future City by Zeemo 3.1 skyscrapers tall buildings cities parks amazing huge 2

A city with many buildings in a futuristic style… “You’re looking for something different.  You want to see another world. Just climb in the most amazing skytrain and see the city like never before. Walk along the new Pool Alley.  See the new pyramid. Admire the most amazing, Alliance Ark.  Visit the museum and see dinosaurs.  Or simply walk around the …

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World of Worlds

World of worlds 6

Just one world with buildings from more than 25 cities all around the world… New-York, Chicago, Los-Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, St-Louis, San-Francisco, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Paris, London, Roma, Pisa, Frankfurt, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Taipei, Sydney, Seattle …and more !! Loading...World of Worlds

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The Northern City

The Northin City by team Glassman minecraft building ideas download save amazing complete finished

As the dawn of Christmas Eve approaches, Santa and his workers are more busy than ever. All the presents need to be finished for every little child in the world. Therefore over the years, the factory has developed into a town, and further into a city. Transportation started being developed, train stations were made for the workers, whom produced all the …

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Twisted Christmas

Twisted Christmas village minecraft building idea holiday gift present tree cottage giner bread houses town center

Twas the week before Christmas, when all though the web not a player was building, not even a dev. The houses were built by the builders with care in hopes that the players would soon be there. The tree in the center, glinted with glitter and the uploads were made to Facebook and Twitter. The tinsel was draped and the …

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Santa’s Outpost

Santa's Outpost minecraft building ideas xmas 2015 download save holiday nortern lights

In the blink of an eye the time to celebrate and make merry is upon us again, the time we find old Christmas knocking upon our front doors imploring us to bid him enter. A time as the old miser Scrooge once affectionately described as “find(ing) yourselves paying for bills without money; a time for finding yourself a year older …

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Mars Complex – Foxtrot

Mars Complex Foxtrot minecraft building ideas download planet space contect nasa

This project was my interpretation of life on mars. To view a 3d Model of the project, with annotations – It is what I realistically plan mars to look like if the human race was to colonize it. It features a large bio-dome in the center, mining facilities, and a STAL (Short takeoff and landing) Facility – along with a hangar. Base …

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The Eighth Hour

The Eighth Hour minecraft building ideas island city town story download save 8

The Story The time keeper stepped back, and began to marvel the transitions, the mechanics, the universal design of the masterpiece. The positioning of each component; calculated to perfection. The flow of the rushing rivers flowing through each valley, the rugged peaks hiding mysterious and unseen treasures, each zone more developed than the previous. The creation, era’s in the making, …

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City On A Cloud

City on the cloud minecraft building ideas download skyscraper tall office

In 2115, the “Sameness For Better Future” scheme was launched; Over 150 countries acceded to the agreement. As part of the master plan, every innovator, dreamer and scientist were banished from Planet Earth. However, they did not give up on hope yet. Instead, they started their own civilization and built the city of tomorrow on the clouds. One day, you …

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Modern Luxury High Rise Building

Modern Luxury High Rise Building apartment office tall amazing download complete

It’s a modern high rise building equipped with parking, a pool a lobby, and an elevator. There are 5 different floorplans, including a 1bd 1br, a 2bd, 1br, a studio and 2 unique and spacious modern penthouses equipped with a shared terrace. Steve can finally relax and live the city life! Enjoy! Built by: Alcatraz_Sniper Loading...Modern Luxury High Rise Building

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City Vibe | Retro Modern Penthouse

City Vibe Retro Modern Penthouse minecraft builds interior amazing ideas

City Vibe – Penthouse by Block_Fortress City Vibe is built with a number of key features/points in mind: – Designed for 1 person or a couple – High end young luxurious entertainment lifestyle – Open plan, mmaximizedspace – Retro modern feel Hopefully you see those features/points as you explore the penthouse. First Floor Initial sketch The first floor is completely …

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