City / Town

  • Lord of the Ring – Middle Earth

    Lord of the Ring – Middle Earth

    No download available, You must get white listed on there server to view it.

  • Taerin : The Under Hill Village

    Taerin : The Under Hill Village

    The builder: Boitameu Hello everyone, I’m really happy to show “Taerin: Under The Hill V...

  • Coldcroth | The Province of Bone and Scale

    Coldcroth | The Province of Bone and Scale

    Some words from the builder Team Talonzire   Hello Visitors! Thanks for clicking on our project! Its...

  • The Red City Irroth

    The Red City Irroth

    Some words from the builder cameron224 The Red City Irroth is a completely unique city. Built upon t...

  • Mechanic City

    Mechanic City

    Some words from the builder 76MPaul Hi everyone, My brother being in the steampunk style, he made th...

Genesis Turtle – A Living Ark

Genesis Turtle A Living Ark minecraft building ideas

The builder Tech Zero Hello! This is a contest build succeeding my former ones including Rollerquester and The Black Citadel. This is inspired by the presence of world turtles and disc worlds, and, since we were required to build on the special map provided, I may have completely terraformed the existing middle island into one inside a gigantic organic turtle. Link ... Read More »

Hearthveil – Lost in Thought

Hearthveil lost in thought clouds minecraft building ideas

The builder Pandoras_Blocks Hearthveil – Lost in thought has been the recent toil of the Pandora’s Blocks build team members. Produced over the past month, it features multiple fascinating attractions, including a flying whale, a draconic airship, a gigantic stone golem, and more… Here is a little story. As our traveller’s mind slips below a standing of conciousness, his thoughts begin ... Read More »

Nar’Thalas – Home of the Cloud Elves

Nar Thalas - Home of the Cloud Elves minecraft ideas floating

The builder Guitarfreak Nar Thalas, home of the Skyalfar is a peaceful sanctuary for their kind. Skyalfar as a name originates from old norse, literally translating to cloud elves. Skyalfar is a very uncommon race of elves who prefer to live a detached life from other humanoid beings. To survive the harsh life in the clouds they practice the art of ... Read More »

Fargloom Fortress

Fargloom Fortress minecraft building ideas moutain midevil lava

Builder: oakley09 Fargloom is a fantasy castle built in a style somewhere between medieval and dark fantasy. Every element of the castle is unique; there are absolutely no copy-pasted parts. This makes it look more interesting and very diverse – but still uniform. There are 7 towers and 10 different wall designs, one house-ish structure and an enterance area in the ... Read More »

Elven Map Pack

Elven Map Pack and Download Building ideas single build

The builder: Xanoxian Here’s another build from the Gazamo Build Team, built by me, Xanoxian, as part of their Map Pack series! Feel free to download and use as you wish, for whatever you want; be it making an interesting village for your adventure map, touching up your server spawn, or even just for blowing it up cause blowing stuff ... Read More »

Despair Island

Despair Island minecraft building ideas post apocalypse city ruins

The builder and designer: SuperRM_D Hello everyone. Again, I present to you my map. I called her «Despair Island». On the map there is a small island with the city in post apocalypse style. The card can be used for some purposes: For their projects. For survival. For other purposes. How to install? Downloading the map. Unpack the archive with map in «/minecraft/saves» Run ... Read More »

Frozen Movie – Arendelle

Frozen Movie - Arendelle minecraft building ideas

Built by: ilikecutepeople After a month’s work, I present you Arendelle from the film Frozen Credits: Firstly, i would like to thank my laptop who has been very patient and put up with my demands even though he blue-screened a few times back. Thanks buddy! Secondly,  Lemon-Fox for the tree bundle. Lastly, big thanks to Sillouete for his walkthrough of building a ship.  It was ... Read More »

Mother of Trees | Largest Ever And A Town

Mother of trees terrain minecraft building ideas

Built by: Ripee123 Hello, after a little break, I’m here with the most boring (to build that is) structure I’ve ever built. (with help) It has more branches than average human has hairs. It’s big. I claim it to be biggest tree ever on this level of realism in Minecraft. Proof me wrong and I will go jump off the ... Read More »

Aegea | Cielo

Aegea Cielo minecraft amazing building ideas

The builder: TheVoxelBox Protected by the natural walls of the mountain, travelers are rendered awestruck by the sheer size and power this building has. As they creep onto the stone dock, Cielo awaits them as its fountains endlessly flow, its walls filled with designs, and its pillars holding up not only the magnificent roof, but seemingly the mountain itself. Texture Pack: Palceon (The ... Read More »

The Gates to Aether | Server Hub Spawn

The Gates to Aether Server Hub Spawn minecraft build ideas

The builder: VVoxel_ Hello there! It’s me VVoxel_ here, bringing you my first project on this account. Some of you may notice that, this might look similar to a project created by IceHero_ called The Olympus. Well, because I am IceHero_! ;D I can say that this project is actually what I wanted to build at first. There will be a ... Read More »