City / Town

Large Medieval Village or City

Large Medieval Village minecraft building ideas town city huge house water port

Hi everybody! Today i want to show you my Medieval village I created with my friends. The map is not fully complete, for example most of the buildings is not ready inside. I will try to finish the map and update it in real time. Meanwhile download and check it out!   Read More »

Remnants of a Forgotten World

Remnants of a Forgotten World Download Minecraft building ideas city town walls

Oh sweet the silence, Lasting ten million years, Waiting and begging, Asking for when the day may come, For that final sweet release. Longing for a chance to create, To recreate the past, Giving all the forgotten glory, And all it was before, In millions of years before. But this time our chance to create, Never again will it be ... Read More »

La Momie

La Momie minecraft building ideas sea temples adventrue

I’m really happy to show you an old map, old because I made this map more than a year ago with my old team , Webuild4you . This map was done for 4 french youtuber ! This is an Egyptian themed adventure map with a big city, a sea, and some temples around the city. This map was made in ... Read More »

Blugough Town

Blugough Town port water yard minecraft building city

I haven’t really uploaded anything along the line of a “town” just yet, so I thought I’d make one, although still in my opinion this build is lacking quite a bit of things, but my due to my desire of building other things I kind of kept it cut to what I have so far instead. Again, I suppose this ... Read More »

Top 15 Minecraft Buildings of 2014

minecraft building inc top 15 2014

Below you will find Minecraft Building Inc most popular builds of 2014. It was a big year for us as our site grew 115% in size compared to the previous year! Lets keep it going, share these with your friends and family! Enjoy them together! It’s amazing what build teams can do when they come together. Lets start the count ... Read More »

Residence In The Mountains

Residence in the mountains castle building minecraft garden waterfall

The builder: Dalaxys Hello friends!) This is the construction and built about 2 weeks without mods, and used almost all of his skills, the former to me at the time. The embodiment of many of my ideas just one building! On the building: “The building is divided into several” levels “in height – at the top of the main building of ... Read More »

Santa’s Gingerbread Christmas City

Santa's Gingerbread Christmas City download minecraft building ideas xmas snow

A new time lapse and build from TheReawakens server, a Christmas Special. This time we have made the gingerbread city where the elf’s of Santa’s Christmas City lives. The city is filled with houses, a train station and the piece of the puzzle… Santa’s Workshop. And as it is Christmas and it is the time where everyone gives each other ... Read More »

Galos Citadel

Galos Citadel Minecraft building ideas city town castle dragon

The builder GogocraftFR I’m really proud and excited too present you my new project : Galos Citadel by GogocraftFR  Description Hello everyone ! I’m proud and excited to present to you my last Build called “Galos Citadel”. This map is composed by a Citadel, a mausoleum, 2 ships, 4 dragons and a lot of houses. Tools Used Voxel Sniper WorldEdit Camera Studio ... Read More »

Lothlorien | LOTR

Lothlorien - LOTR Lord of the Rings Minecraft building ideas trees

Divici In J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium, Lothlórien is the fairest forest realm of the Elves remaining in Middle-earth during the Third Age. The realm plays an important part in The Lord of the Rings as the Elven centre of resistance against Sauron and is a symbol for the Elves’ aesthetics of preservation which provides a space ‘out of time’ for the ... Read More »

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