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Apogee Stadium | With Touchdown Rollercoaster

Apogee Stadium with Touchdown Rollercoaster minecraft building ideas download saves

Apogee Stadium Home to the University of North Texas “Mean Green” Eagles football program. Built from 2009-2011 by the same design firm that created the new Cowboys Stadium or “AT&T Stadium”, Apogee has many unique aspects that make it special, most importantly the North endzone seating which resembles that of eagles wings. Thanks to the wind-turbines as well as the ...

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The Fear of Space | Rendered Cinematic

The Fear of Space Rendered Cinematic minecraft building ideas download city

Recommend to watch the rendered cinematic. This took over 20 hours to render. This is a project I have been working on for the past few months. Thank you all for taking the time to view this project. Support on Youtube and a diamond would be greatly appreciated. I would like to give thanks to MC Architects Union for providing ...

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Days of Creations | The Bridge City of Non Anor | Star Wars

TheReawakens Days of Creations The Bridge City of Non Anor Minecraft building ideas download town snow winter tower

A special time of TheReawakens, here to bring you a bunch of creations Server IP: Website: A new creation from TheReawakens server, in the special event “Days of Creations”, where we will bring a lot of great content to all of you guys. We will bring you some of the smaller great projects, but also some of the large scale that have ...

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Tomorrowland disney minecraft gameplay city adventure theme park building ideas futuristic

Built by the BlockWorks Team Commissioned by Disney, this is our Minecraft version of the fantastical futuristic city from the film, Tomorrowland. The city of Tomorrowland is a Utopian vision of a beautiful, futuristic city – built and lived in by the world’s greatest minds. A place where anything is possible, Tomorrowland is an urban dreamworld of epic proportions. Huge thanks ...

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Shigeiwa-Akō Village

Shigeiwa-Ako village town download mountain city minecraft building ideas

Hi everyone, I present you ” Shigeiwa – Akō ” my biggest project. This map is composed of two parts which are the city with its port and its houses, and the other part the temple and the dojo.I hope you will like it ! This construction was built on @LanguageCraft’s server, thanks to them 😀 If you like it, ...

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Aarun | Oriental Fantasy City

Aarun Oriental Fantasy City 1000x1000 minecraft download build

We’re glad to present you “Aarun”, our biggest project. We began to create this big city late 2013 and we continued to expand the map in parallel of our others projects. At the beginning, we started this map for a multiplayer adventure map for the Titan project. For more informations about this project (in French)  : First we wanted ...

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Cythera City

Cythera minecraft city download balloon ideas build

Story. A kingdom for 3 towns, 5 factions, many villages and with random structures, castles & ruïnes. The main town with the red banners is also the biggest and most important and is located in a forest. The second town with the blue banners is made as an enemie and life mostly in the snow area. The third town with green banners are ...

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Swamp Lake City

Swamp Lake City minecraft building ideas 01

Here is a look at what I’ve got done so far on this project I’ve been doing for the last few months. I called the city Swamp lake city because it was built over a lot of swamps. Lots of modern houses and buildings on a simple city layout. I failed a bit with the roads but hope to work ...

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Bree – Settlement of Men | LOTR

Bree Settlement of Men lotr minecraft build village download vidoe 2

Bree: ~100 buildings, huge terrain and multiple small towns nearby. Bree was built over a period of two months by several members of our build team. This project also contains the entire landscape of Bree-land, including Chetwood with custom trees, the Barrow-Downs and a good amount of farms and hills in between and around Bree. Features: – Bree: — Two ...

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Dimmerstone | World of Targur

Dimmerstone World of Targur minecraft city village midevil build ideas

Targur version 5.5 In order to play this map you need: -Optifine / MCPatcher -Conquest Resourcepack -Enabled Commandblocks (alternativly switch off the weather with optifine) This is my new big project called “World of Targur”, which is basically a revival of my old and now cancelled project “World of Elandor”. I kept the concept and some of the buildings and ...

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