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Swamp Lake City

Swamp Lake City minecraft building ideas 01

Here is a look at what I’ve got done so far on this project I’ve been doing for the last few months. I called the city Swamp lake city because it was built over a lot of swamps. Lots of modern houses and buildings on a simple city layout. I failed a bit with the roads but hope to work ...

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Bree – Settlement of Men | LOTR

Bree Settlement of Men lotr minecraft build village download vidoe 2

Bree: ~100 buildings, huge terrain and multiple small towns nearby. Bree was built over a period of two months by several members of our build team. This project also contains the entire landscape of Bree-land, including Chetwood with custom trees, the Barrow-Downs and a good amount of farms and hills in between and around Bree. Features: - Bree: — Two ...

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Dimmerstone | World of Targur

Dimmerstone World of Targur minecraft city village midevil build ideas

Targur version 5.5 In order to play this map you need: -Optifine / MCPatcher -Conquest Resourcepack -Enabled Commandblocks (alternativly switch off the weather with optifine) This is my new big project called “World of Targur”, which is basically a revival of my old and now cancelled project “World of Elandor”. I kept the concept and some of the buildings and ...

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A cinque terre “Manarola” in Italy

A cinque terre Manarola in Italy minecraft colorful city building plans

I’ll make the nice intersection landscape you imagine in the reach of 150 masses x 150 masses. Such a contest was Japan. This work is the work which I contributed as “the intersection where a person and a person cross”. This work expresses real world faithfully as much as possible. built by: hajikura_mocchi

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XVII Century Cathedral & City

XVII Century Cathedral & City minecraft catle download city village

Description I began this build by deciding to construct a rough replica of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. in minecraft on a plot. After finishing the build, I realized that much of the plot was still unused, so i decided to build a city around it. Being an avid Assassins Creed player, I figured it would be interesting to ...

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Filibusters’s Coast | A Pirate Bay

Filibusters Coast a Pirate Bay cove minecraft building spooky scary terraform lush tropical 3

After a plenty different projects for other servers, Lyrah is finally back to present “Filibusters’s Coast, a Pirate Bay” This map is composed of two villages, one of ffishermen and the second one of pirates. The whole in a marvelous and lush tropical terraforming. Français —————– Après plusieurs commissions , l’équipe est de retour pour vous présenter “Filibusters’s Coast, une ...

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Ravenhold | Skyrim Inspired project

Ravenhold Skyrim inspired project minecraft house castle midevil town download

This is a project of mine to build a Skyrim style town/city. I love the architecture of the buildings in Skyrim, and along with Minecraft, Skyrim is my favorite game; so I decided to build my own buildings based off of Skyrim’s style, but using my own imagination as well. I thought of the name ‘Ravenhold’ taking inspiration from the ...

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The Baroque Survival Games | 32 Players

The Baroque Survival Games 32 Players mini minecraft building blueprints design city town villa

So here it is : The Baroque Survival Games : its a huge survival games map ( 2k*2k terraforming, 1k*1k city ) with 6 mega builds and tons of little builds, a 32 players spawn. Chests are already placed, but i did not put the dome with MCedit because its not good for the renders / cinematic. I was supposed ...

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A City by the Water

a city by the water minceraft building ideas skyscrapers ocean lake towers

Chunky is the minecraft rendering software used. Credit for this free Minecraft image renderer goes to Jesper Öqvist. The texture pack is Smooth Realistic Pack by DasLisal. built by: cchscp

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Wayward Wonders | Fight bosses in the Wonders of the World!

wayward wonders colosseum minecraft build rome huge

Built by an amazing builder: m0ndy THE MAP Wayward Wonders is an open world “Complete the Monument” map with elements of both survival and adventure. The player(s) must explore the land to defeat the evil bosses that have taken over the Wonders of the world. THE MONUMENTS There are two monuments: The Adventure Monument (12 blocks) and the Wool Monument ...

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